The Best Moment of Trump's SOTU [VIDEO]

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)2/05/2020 9:46:55 am PST

re: #383 lawhawk

Fuck cancer and fuck Limbaugh.

Just because a raging bigot and misogynist is suddenly facing his own mortality doesn’t mean that I have to be kind to him or ignore his past, present, and his legacy of agitprop, hate, and misinformation that helped spawn the likes of Trump and the cult that approves of Trump.

Limbaugh has spent years spewing nonsense about pretty much everything. He lies and obfuscates about health care delivery and funding in the US, and backs the eliminating of Obamacare - which protects those with preexisting conditions from seeing massive premium hikes (and provides millions with coverage where they didn’t have any before thanks to Medicaid expansion that the GOP opposed).

I mean he’s literally denied the genocide of the Native Americans. That’s who Rush is. He’s not just some perosn who has ideas that conflict with mine. He’s someone whose fundamental sense of morality and decency conflict.