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Scottish Dragon9/27/2014 10:59:53 pm PDT

re: #35 darthstar

Mt. St. Helens is waking up too…and there’s Iceland, and Papua New Guinea…

Sometimes I hate that all the volcanoes share the same circulatory system…it’s almost like the planet is saying, “Fuck it, I can’t wait for an asteroid to wipe these assholes out…”

Well, not really. I know what you are getting at (IE they all derive energy and material from the earth) but how they actually operate can be radically different from one volcano to another. Hawaiian volcanoes operate off of a stationary “hot spot” and the basaltic magma has a chemical composition which reflects the low silica nature of the melt material (originally from deep mantle ultramafic peridotite)

In Iceland, you get something really weird…both hot spot deep melt composition magmas and also relatively shallow spreading center magmas from a different provenance. You get two different magma compositions that have nothing to really do with one another since the magmas originate in very different melt facies.

I really wanted to take geochemistry. Never was able to do so.