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Anymouse 🌹5/07/2019 10:10:41 pm PDT

re: #22 teleskiguy

This is pretty much my only outlet right now to vent my rage in re: mass shootings.

I’ve never called any other state home my entire life. Colorado is part of my identity. I was a junior in high school when Columbine happened just a hundred miles to the east. And I remember too many fucking other times in this state where multiple people are shot, usually with guns legally obtained.

I’m at the point right now where I think we should just goddamn fucking abolish the Second Amendment. I’m also this close to taking my three guns to my local law enforcement to be destroyed.

I get the frustration with mass murders. We had the Westroads Mall mass murder in Omaha in 2007, the deadliest mass-murder in Nebraska in sixty years (my wife and I didn’t live here at the time, we were in Oklahoma).

I still call Michigan home (since that’s where I mostly grew up, double entendre intended). Only a few miles south of where I grew up was the deadliest mass-murder in a school (the Bath School Bombing in 1927, which still stands as the worst in the USA).

Getting rid of the II Amendment won’t fix this. If the II Amendment is not in place, then states will get to write their own laws without federal oversight.

What’s needed is to enforce federal laws and authority which the II Amendment grants. Everything from getting rid of that moronic talking point about the first clause being a preamble or something with no force, to repealing the law which says the “militia is every able-bodied male aged 17-45.”