Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

Killgore Trout7/23/2011 1:49:40 pm PDT

re: #36 Sergey Romanov

Although there are some links to LGF as well as mentions, they seem to be ONLY be there through Fjordman’s articles. Ancient history.

On the other hand, Fjordman’s numerous texts are included whole.
I wonder how it feels to him to be a part of AB’s Mein Kampf.

Well, thankfully there’s tons of stuff bashing LGF…..

The time has now come for Mr. Johnson to apologise in public to the numerous people he has smeared since the fall of 2007, starting with the ones I have mentioned above. It’s not their credibility that’s on the line here. It’s his. If he continues to undermine those confronting Islamic infiltration, it will become increasingly difficult for LGF to present itself as an anti-Jihad website at all. At some point, the rapidly shrinking number of people in the northern hemisphere who haven’t been banned from the site yet will be forced to ask themselves whether the website and its owner have simply switched teams and joined the Dark Side.