U.S. Commentator Mike Harris: Israel Carried Out Newtown Massacre, Operates Death Squads in the U.S.

researchok12/20/2012 1:59:28 pm PST

re: #38 Mad Prophet Ludwig

LVQ, I do not for one second believe the Israelis ought bck down- not for one second.

That said, if you want to fight successfully, you have to know your adversary.

Wars are not one only on the battlefield. Hell, that is the easy part.

We have to get them to listen,to respond in an appropriate way. That means understanding their sorry, dysfunctional asses and dealing with them in a way they can relate to.

Remember when you (very patiently and kindly, I might add) responded to my question of how we knew global warming was indeed man made and not only a natural phenomena? You responded in a language and way I could understand- and by the way, I have repeated that lesson now many times to others.

You can’t talk to me like you can to another physicist, even at the most basic level. There are some things I might have to explain to you.

Same thing there. Their politics and political considerations are very different than our own.

They also conflate religion with politics (by design. Dysfunctional leadership has them in public and private)

At some point we are going to have to deal with them and their dysfunction.

And one more thing- a reality check.

Israel to a large measure was crested and defined by a large group of dysfunctional people as well.

People who, with backs still smoldering came and built a nation. And they can home at night to no parents, spouses, siblings or one was untouched by the Holocaust.

Think about that for a minute. The magnitude of evil that was visited upon these people- and they, who had every reason to demand the world take care of them, built a nation not for their broken selves but for the generations to follow.

What did those Holocaust survivors in 1948 and beyond have to celebrate? With whom? No families, no wives, husbands or children in tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of cases. Each of the six million plus victims had family taken from them.

And what did they come to her? ‘W’ELL FINISH WHAT HITLER STARTED!

Only it was the broken regimes, not the poor bastard trying to eke out a living and who had to shit in the streets. This wretched lot were promised a paradise if only they were to hate and kill. So what did these poor bastards have to lose- as they saw what Israel was becoming. Can you blame them?

LVQ, this will not be resolved on the battlefield only.

Yes, Israel has the right- and obligation to defend herself from her enemies- but we need to be clear we have to deal with te generals in one way and the rank and file in another way.

Have you noticed the Arab Spring has become less and less about Israel?

There is a reason for that.