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allegro4/18/2019 9:56:27 am PDT

re: #353 ObserverArt

I can see you are not a Mayor Pete fan. Is he a little too perfect and pat?

He does seem to be a boy scout.

I heard someone the other day say he is perfect for women!

That made me cringe.

No, I am not. First, he is not qualified to leap from small city mayor to president. That he believes that he is speaks to me of narcissistic privileged white guy arrogance that I am sick to fucking death of. Yeah, admitted bias there.

Much more than that though, is not what he says but what he DID as mayor, his priorities. He did some (arguably) good stuff in revitalizing but much of it at the expense of poor POC, fining them thru code violations that cost them their homes.

His focus even now appears to be WWC, too much like Bernie, as evidenced not only by what he says frequently but by his interest in a Fox news town hall. Frankly, any Dem candidate who does this is disqualified to me. Too many people for too many years have spent thousands of hours of their time to diminish Fox destructive influence by going after its advertisers, successfully so, to see it all undone by Dems now. This is a flat-out okay to advertisers to return and a fuck you to dedicated Dems.

That’s a start.