Overnight Acoustic: Tommy Emmanuel, "Questions"

Jenner76/08/2015 11:21:57 am PDT

I’m still trying to process how we, as a country, let a child spend three years in Rikers. How we let him be tortured and beat. How we let a child spend ANY time in solitary confinement. All for being ACCUSED of stealing a backpack. No trial, no conviction. Three years. A child. And now he’s dead.

Meanwhile, we as a country, let an admitted child molester to roam free. We let bikers involved in a shooting spree casually sit and check their email on their phones. We give people like that the benefit of doubt. Not people like Kalief or Mike, or Walter, or Darrien, or Tamir, or Eric.

We failed Kalief. We praise Josh.

I’m sick.