Video: Obama's Special Message to Iran

Kosh's Shadow3/20/2009 9:34:24 am PDT

re: #354 jamgarr

I specifically entered the post 1-20-09 era with the attitude that I would try my hardest to believe that Obama would moderate his most radical ambitions. Within 2 months I have to conclude the opposite. I’ve never been a member of the Chicken Little Brigade but I may have to reconsider. I am afraid for our future.

I also was trying to hope he’d be better, but he has been worse than I expected. I thought he’d keep pushing Israel for “concessions”, but it looks like he’s going to insist on them recognizing a paliterrorist state:

One official told me it was just “childish”. When Netanyahu comes for a visit, he might be asked to make a choice. The price for press availability with President Obama will be a commitment to say the words “two”, “state” and “solution” in the same sentense.

But no words from the palis on stopping terrorism.