He Started 45 Minutes Ago and He's Still Ranting: Trump Gloats About Escaping Justice

LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)2/06/2020 5:33:31 pm PST

re: #392 Citizen K

Yes, it’s incrementalism that kills. Right. Because apparently all change and progress must happen all at once or else it’s invalid and just for show,

Not like we’re dealing with an electorate that keeps anyone who actually tries to push progressive goals forward on the tightest of goddamn leashes and pulls screaming toward the right at the first sign of not even trouble, but not fixing problems left to said fixers fast enough…

Again, this “burn it all down” shit presumes you’ll be capable of building atop the ashes of what was, rather than just being left with ashes.

Do the dummies who are still Bernie or bust know that if Bernie ever gets elected he’s going to need Democratic support? God I could almost get Bernie if he was just super idealistic but he’s really not A) and B) he inspires this only I can do it bullshit. We expanded protections for LGBT people today in Richmond with probably the most moderate minded Democratic governor we’ve had since I started voting but we did it ebcause we got a legislative majority. That’s something the Bernouts need to think about rather than trying to make a guy who turns 80 years old next year into a standard bearer.