At What Point in Pregnancy Does a Woman's Personhood End?

elizajane7/20/2013 5:37:15 pm PDT

re: #2 Dark_Falcon

I have to ask the corollary: Does the fetus become an unborn child with some rights at some point?

While I do see this point of view, I believe that the outcome of such laws would be a lot of women “of a certain sort, wink wink” ending up in jail for taking drugs or drinking while pregnant. Make all the warning labels you want, but a pregnant woman has got to remain an autonomous being or you are creating the worst sort of nanny state, one that (as usual on the Right) feels justified in any sort of interference to protect a child until it is born. After that, the parents can do almost anything they want and in this country they can claim parental rights. It’s madness.

I also suggest reading some of the stories in that article of ways these laws are already enforced. The woman in Ohio awaiting murder charges for attempting suicide while pregnant. The woman who was arrested (!) while in labor in her own home, taken to a hospital, and forcibly sedated and given a Cesarian Section because somebody thought it was safer for her baby than a vaginal birth. These things are atrocities and they are happening already