New NRA program loves lead poisoning, puts zoos on 'Enemies List'

Dark_Falcon8/05/2013 6:07:19 pm PDT

Some things to know:

1. These groups keep damanding the EPA ban lead ammo even though the EPA is forbidden by federal law from doing so. These petitions are an exercise in futility as the law stands, but they allow environmentalists to blacken the names of hunters.

2. In many cases lead is used because use of other heavy metals is banned because laws banning sale of armor-piercing rounds for handguns to civilians.
Please understand that I am not, repeat not, advocating the sale to civilians of actual rounds designed to penetrate body armor. But the law governing such is out of date and as it stands it is inhibiting the development of rounds that would be less toxic. Until the laws get changed, a ban on lead would be a constitutionally questionable ban on hunting.

So the NRA actually has some real points in their corner and they actually have been meeting with the ATF to sort out the ammo issue (which is likely part of why they did not demand a ‘no’ vote on the confirmation of the ATF’s new director).