The Evil of the Outdoor Cat

Dom3/27/2014 1:48:34 pm PDT

re: #3 RealityBasedSteve

yea… but that cute part sort of excuses them…


No disrespect, but everyone has excuses for everything and cuteness is a really bad one. Keeping cats is an arrogant whimsy. Kittens can be taught to use a leash. Cat-lovers won’t like that one bit, but I don’t feel they have any entitlements. This beautiful wood pigeon was on my lawn not so long ago:

Its partner still has the odd lonely wander around the pond, but I’ve stopped putting feeders there.

What other pet would be allowed in my garden to do this? But I appreciate there are no regulations that cat-owners should be keeping. Given humanity’s vast spread, numbers of domestic cats have also rocketed, and here in Blighty even the house sparrow is considered endangered! Time for regulations on cats.