Gerry Adams Arrested

Scottish Dragon5/01/2014 7:29:28 am PDT

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You said it better than I did.

In any event, British colonialism created the monsters. When you look at the American Revolution…people like Gerry Adams would have been seen as heroes. Here in the Carolinas, the war was nasty, personal and savage. War crimes and atrocities happened on both sides, and revenge killings after the war occurred into the 19th century. The very term “lynch law” comes from a Virginia militia leader and “judge” named Lynch who hanged British loyalists after a cursory kangaroo court.

Bannastre Tarleton, the British dragoon and leader of the Tory Legion was infamous for not taking prisoners (the act of killing men who tried to surrender was called “Tarleton’s quarters” …as in giving no quarter). Of course, we started doing the same thing and massacring British troops trying to surrender as well.
Moving on…

When the British Army stopped protecting people from the Protestant paramilitaries who were beating and shooting Catholic civil rights activists and started shooting unarmed Catholics themselves on Bloody Sunday…you created a generation of Gerry Adams types right then and there. When you take away any and all ability of people to peacefully protest…violence and militarism is inevitable. When the law puts itself into disrepute (protecting killers in the British Army and the RUC, suspending Common Law and Habeas Corpus and detaining thousands without charge or trial) lawless men are empowered. British policies and British atrocities created Gerry Adams and his followers.

It’s worth mentioning that none of the British soldiers who murdered 14 people that day have ever been charged, despite the renewed government inquiry from 2010 that concluded the shootings were unjustifiable.