3 Shot, 1 Killed in Orosi Home Invasion Attempt

kirkspencer5/29/2014 2:31:32 am PDT

Yaknow, it’d be nice if you actually read what I wrote. I didn’t blame the defenders. In fact I specifically praised the young man who did the defense.

But I do wonder why the attack.

What I said, what I meant, is that every time I’ve unpacked a multiple person armed invasion there’s been a reason. It has NOT been a simple robbery.

This was a daylight attack that started not with poking in a window but bashing in the front door. It had at least three and maybe more armed attackers, apparently with weapons ready.

So I want to know the reason for the attack. If you read what i wrote you can see I gave good guy and bad guy examples. The father or mother is wealthy or in power positions? and they were going for kidnapping? Least likely but possible. Revenge because they stood up to the local gangs in some way? or because they’re family/friends of police or law enforcement?

There are bad guy reasons as well. Rival gangs, revenge for attacks made elsewhere, friends and family… you get the idea.

Kinda tired of the knee-jerk insults of people who want all the information instead of just worshiping - or attacking - either side of the issue.