PayPal and the Wall. The Bricks in the Wall. And the Problem.

nines0912/21/2017 6:49:47 am PST

re: #3 Sionainn, the Nasty Devilbitch

Those phone numbers I posted you will never find on any PayPal owned site. Read the two responses from their “support”. Honesty has nothing to do with it. I made a mistake and will pay. I wasn’t going to give them a penny, they took my 116. Five weeks to get this sorted out and I’m still out money. I’m not happy, but if I wish to play in certain areas I have to use them. Really pissed me off. and the fact the only way I got any “resolution” was going outside PP? Set up to frustrate on purpose. Yes, and the guy who got the money, if they wanted to, they could have gotten it. He wasn’t meant to get it. By that standard, I overpay a company, I eat it. Business Consumer Alliance is legit, and got me through.