At Long Last: Snarky Puppy Perpetrates a Killer Tiny Desk Concert [VIDEO]

The Pie Overlord!11/27/2019 6:11:16 pm PST

re: #2 PhillyPretzel

OT Today I got home a little later than usual. When I got into my house I checked the usual snail mail, voicemail and e-mail. On my telephone machine was a message to press 1 immediately so that I can talk to an agent and failure to do so will be considered fraud. Thankfully I had no other calls so I hit *57 (call trace for Verizon customers) and I will let the authorities deal with that mess. This must be the latest version of the IRS scam that I got a call from a couple of years ago.

I checked the landline messages for the first time since we got back from Florida last week. There were about a dozen messages from a scary-sounding robotic voice threatening to “cancel” my Social Security “account”