WATCH LIVE: Joe Biden Delivers Remarks on His "Build Back Better" Plan for an Equitable Clean Energy Future

lawhawk7/14/2020 10:36:04 am PDT

The right wing troglodytes were ripping on Biden before he came out with a plan, claiming that this would destroy the economy, cause millions to lose jobs, etc.

The projecting like IMAX is strong with the GOP. It’s all they ever do.

Biden’s proposals are forward looking and would reorient energy production to renewables and shift away from fossil fuels.

The same coal miners out of work due to coal being a dying industry aren’t being told by Trump to #TrySomethingNew. The mine owners are seeing regs lifted so they can profit more and shift burdens to the workers who see worse working conditions or air quality.

Biden’s proposals are doable, but energy companies need to adjust or find themselves obsolete. The GOP has tied itself to these same energy companies, so they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect the billions in tax breaks that go their way every year from both feds and state governments.