Julian Assange: libertarian extremist

Dark_Falcon11/30/2010 5:59:25 pm PST

re: #2 Killgore Trout

It’s really wacky stuff. I’ll amend my post with a direct link to Assange’s article. There’s a little nuance with his concept of conspiracy. He considers anything, no matter how trivial, that isn’t public knowledge to be a conspiracy.

And while TR might have agreed with Assange for a short time, it’s worth noting that he came back to more conventional politics as war threatened. And Julian Assange will never match the drive to defend America that Theodore Roosevelt, his sons Theodore Jr, and his cousin Franklin all showed: Those men men kept on working hard for their nation in spite of illness and only stopped when death took them, a death they preferred to failing to do their best for their country. Assange may talk about TR, but he does not have the Roosevelt’s dedication and loyalty.