A Response to Killgore Trout and Other Opponents of Wikileaks

Dark_Falcon12/12/2010 6:06:30 pm PST

re: #2 researchok

People who have made real contributions and who have succeeded in life do not behave the way Assange, et al, have.

To create requires real effort and commitment and long and hard work. To build and create is a Herculean effort. When you can’t really create or haven’t really succeeded at anything, tearing down becomes a clarion call.

Assange and company want only to tear down. They offer us nothing but chaos and anarchy, cloaked in nice words and high minded drivel- and that is why virtually every oppressive regime supports their efforts. It bears remembering that so many regimes who enthusiastically support Assange are the first to throw bloggers and critics of those regimes into prison or worse. It also bears remembering that Assange has been smart enough not to criticize those regimes.

The Emperor Assange wears no clothes.

Assange is like Eric Cartman in the “Dances with Smurfs” episode of South Park, (which was its a parody of Glenn Beck). He’ll never offer apositive proposal, because those mean you actually have to go out and accomplish things and that’s hard work. Sitting back and sniping is much more fun and easy.