Norwegian attacks stem from a new ideological hate

BrainSurfer7/31/2011 8:14:53 pm PDT

“…a new ideological hate…? What utter crap.

You will find wackos filled with hate on both sides of the political spectrum, and every now and then they will go off the deep end. Yeah… Life’s a bitch… and people die - all the time. Does not lessen the hurt and agony of those who lost loved ones one iota.

Anti-Muslim, pro-Muslim, Anti-Christian, Pro-Christian, Anti-Jewish, Pro-Jewish….you have people, lots of people, on both sides of every issue. And the more you throw crap at the other side, the more likely they will throw it back.

Suggest looking deeper into both sides of issues to find as much truth as you can, and you will see more clearly what drives the thinking of the one-sided ideologues… who nevertheless might have a bit of truth on their side as well. Those who understand most clearly, at least as clearly as may be possible, the various issues at stake in a dispute will be better prepared to understand the thinking of their opposite…. and be better prepared to sway opinions based on the entirety of truth, rather than crap, which they bring to the argument.