Supreme Court Adjudication - Health Insurance

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus10/02/2011 8:16:44 pm PDT
PROBLEM: Escalating health care costs, and the insecurities of the populace regarding health care.

Americans demand more from “health care” than they did 50 years ago, much more. Thus it costs more as supply (in many cases technologically limited and in others trained personnel limited) is not infinite.

You want to significantly lower health care costs? The answer is simple: let people die when that is what they would do without medical intervention.

That sounds heartless? Well, yes. But, that is how a great deal of the world lives. In this world of 7 billion people how many do you think have ON DEMAND life saving measures that are available for as long (in some cases many decades) as needed?

Health care cost is high in the US because we demand a lot, and we price health care so less is hidden. In many other countries which also have ON DEMAND health care (most of Europe, Japan, Canada) the costs are more socialized and in some cases indirectly so it is hard to pin down. For example, mandating paid maternity and paternity leave must be given to employees no doubt helps new families live healthier, but is that priced as a “health care” cost?

We (and the other 10% of the world) who have high technology ON DEMAND health care should be glad we’re not like the other 90%.

Perhaps we need to look at these problems in different, and new, ways?