Muslim Basher Robert Spencer Shows White Nationalist Colors

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)11/10/2011 8:53:15 am PST

re: #1 Sergey Romanov

Jean Raspail is anti-semitic on the grounds of being an ethnic and cultural ‘purist’— see his essay The Fatherland Betrayed By The Republic. In addition, his novel is a fantasy of a restoration of a Catholic monarchy.

Regnery Press has a lot of tacitly anti-semitic books, attacking ‘elites’ who have a high percentage of Jewishness, biographies of Lindbergh covered up his anti-semitism, etc.

I would classify most of these people as white supremacists, some of them as white catholic supremacists (which is always weird, given the Catholic church’s official stance that race does not matter at all) more than anti-semites.