St. Louis Tea Party Slams Gateway Pundit

STLActivist12/03/2011 6:08:20 pm PST

@imp_62 Didn’t mean to imply that. I just meant that, at least here in St. Louis, the tea party can be divided up into the “true believers” and the opportunists. Loesch and Hoft are definitely in the opportunist camp.

But I certainly don’t think you need to be tea party to be a true conservative. In fact, I have fond memories of days when there was real debate between liberal and conservative positions, as opposed to today’s nonstop talking points.

@Bob Levin, you know, the St. Louis media has been surprisingly quiet about Pujols. One local radio host claimed that the Cards would sign him for an expensive but short-term deal, but I don’t know if anyone is sure about how seriously to take him (he made a similar prediction a month ago).