Megaupload: Anonymous hackers claim to have crashed Justice Department website

EiMitch1/20/2012 1:22:33 am PST

re: #3 Bobibutu

And they will fuel the pro-SOPA/PIPA arguments. Internet vigilantism (a.k.a. cyber-terrorism) is counter-productive to internet freedom. The 18th blackout protests did alot more good, which has probably just been undone.

Megaupload’s demise should’ve been “exhibit A” for why SOPA/PIPA are pointless. Instead, anon-hackers have stolen the show and demonstrated that the net is lawless. What do you think will be the next move of a bunch of tech-illiterate, corporate-crony, lawmaking luddites? Sure, anon might get around SOPA/PIPA or even worse laws, but the rest of us are surely bent-over and lubed with tabasco. Thanks alot you self-righteous hackers.

This has been another new reason why I hate anon.