Join the Push to Honor the Munich 11

CuriousLurker7/22/2012 8:00:05 pm PDT

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Never mind, I found the answer:

Rogge’s comments today come after Israel’s IOC member Alex Gilady told insidethegames earlier this year that he did not want to see the tragedy remembered at the Olympics.

“The unity of the Olympic movement is the most important one, and therefore, I am not supporting such a move,” said Gilady, who in 1972 was a journalist covering the Olympics.
“Such an act may harm the unity of the Olympics.

“Besides, it was time for the Israeli Olympic Committee and Family to ask for such an act in 1976 in Montreal – that was the perfect time and they have not asked.

“Four years later in Moscow the Israeli Olympic Committee boycotted the Games and even in Los Angeles in 1984, with a very strong Jewish involvement in the Organising Committee and in the town, they have not asked.”

“The Israeli Olympic Committee is hosting a memorial which the President of the IOC is attending, and many delegates from many other National Olympic Committees are present and, on this occasion, we are commemorating a minute’s silence.”