Dozens of Police Hurt in Northern Ireland Sectarian Clashes - World News

Dark_Falcon9/04/2012 11:22:24 am PDT

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Riots often erupt during the summer months when Protestant groups hold traditional parades that are seen as provocative by nationalists, who want to be part of a united Ireland, and Catholics.

These parades are pretty much in celebration of the Protestant English invasion and conquest of the Catholic Irish.

The Parades are treated by the Protestants as religious processions but are really a celebration of colonial repression of Irish Catholics with a religiously tinged animus of them by the Protestants. I don’t think Jesus would approve of the Protestant parades or the Catholic counter riotings but it is clear the Protestants are the ones doing the provoking.

Concur. Not to say that Catholic organizations don’t do nasty things in Northern Ireland, but groups like the Orangemen deliberately insult Catholics.

Those needing an analogy should ask how they would like it if Canadians demanded the right to parade near Detroit to commemorate their victory there in the War of 1812. Take the indignation that would arouse, multiply it by 3, and you’ll have an idea of how offended Catholics are by those marches. They really should end. I’d say replace them with private ceremonies and reenactments of the battles in question (if possible for the latter).