After 15 years in solitary, convicted terrorist pleads for contact with others

Dark_Falcon2/18/2013 2:07:11 pm PST

re: #3 Achilles Tang

I have no sympathy whatsoever for this type, and punishment is all that can be applied short of execution. However it is a fact that extreme solitary confinement is mentally damaging to humans in general, and I suppose I would question whether even for someone like this it could not be called a form of torture. I don’t however know what could be done differently. Certainly he cannot be allowed to dictate terms.

If he is suffering, it is because he still poses a risk. Radical Islamists like him are a greater danger than most inmates because they so often try to turn other inmates into Islamists. No, the ‘blind sheik’ represents to great a danger to be given access to other inmates. The suffering he endures for posing that danger is irrelevant; The relevant fact is that he is a danger.