Oliver Willis: Sorry, But You Were Dumb For Supporting The Iraq War

Dark_Falcon3/27/2013 6:09:42 pm PDT

re: #1 wrenchwench

Too bad we didn’t have drones back then, because Willis seems to think they would have been just the ticket:

Yet he knows exactly what constitutes ‘an eternal blot on your existence in this world and the next.’ Kinda like our Local Dating Fraud Monitor does.

We had drones, but drones aren’t nearly as useful against an enemy with Saddam’s resources.

Oliver Willis was wrong about how Saddam Hussein could have been overthrown. It is a sad fact of history that Saddam’s system of repression and terror in Iraq had effectively eliminated any organized opposition to him out side of the Kurdish areas years before. Sending in anti-Saddam Iraqi exiles or using SpecOps personnel to create an insurgent movement would have been very difficult and unlikely to work, and it would have been condemned in much of the world as “illegal warfare” anyways.

Oliver Willis being wrong on Iraq: 2003-2013.