Reddit foams at the mouth about Israel building houses in Jerusalem

rosiee8/12/2013 12:28:51 pm PDT

re: #39 ProTARDISLiberal

Most of Israel was unairable land as well, swamps, if only governments in the area could be working on agriculture instead of petty disagreements over housing blocks we could see peace. And the reason you don’t side with Israel is over the ethnic cleansings of the 40’s then do you still hold the Arabs responsible for their attacks and barbarism? Nothing Israel did was in a vacuum, but people like you, who claim neutrality, forget that Israel has the most U.N. resolutions against it, for what reason? People like you have no balls to stand up the world’s bias, claiming neutrality.

By the way, Israel supporters on the whole tend to have a far more subtle knowledge of the situation and be far more informed than the bunch who would see Israel as some colonial state bent on conquest. The best Arab studies programs are indeed in Hebrew U.