No. 3 Democrat in the House to Appear With Farrakhan

Wozza Matter?3/10/2011 3:47:35 pm PST

re: #39 prononymous

Please don’t take my comments about my conduct as an indictment of yours. I just am not happy with the direction my posting has taken. Though I welcome any fellow travelers, of course.

The general public pays more attention to appeals to emotion, popularity, etc. So as long as there are some making arguments based on those fallacies, I feel that there should be some using similar tactics to counter. IMO, that’s the only way to hold the American attention span. But diversity of opinion and tactics is important also, it is easy to get carried away and pile on.

I have to say i haven’t notced you being particularly eregious in any of those regards. Like you, I fully enjoy and respect the diversity of opinion here - and there have been many greaqt debates. Unfortunately it can’t always be pipes, slippers and copies of hardy journals - i love it when it is, i really do the quality of debate is awesome, but sometimes - and those occasions are becoming noticably fewer - some people just need hit upside the head with a wet fish to bring them to their senses, don’t feel bad about calling someone on BS rather than continually trying to refute it.