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The Pie Overlord!6/03/2014 8:26:16 am PDT

re: #395 Justanotherhuman

Oh, please, do continue the sexist stereotypes.

Google launches ‘Glass for women’ with new DVF collection

Summary: Google leans on the fashion world to bring a Glass collection that more women might want to wear.

More like the Google Glass Bubble.

Google’s lead Glass designer, Isabelle Olsson:

“I gravitate towards feminine and minimal designs, so my favorite everyday style is the Shiny Ink frame with Charcoal Glass. I can’t wait to wear the Navigator shades in Orchid Mist on vacation in the South of France this summer and when I hit the ski slopes later this year,” she said.”

I wonder what leads Ms. Olsson to believe all women lead her lifestyle?

The total lack of contact with any human beings not of the 0.01%?