Mitt #Romney, Pamela Geller, EDL's Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer and John Bolton

GunstarGreen10/16/2012 10:03:51 am PDT

re: #393 Obdicut

Dude, as well as being vigilantes, they do exactly they kind of shit they vigilantize against others for. Because it’s Anonymous. It’s just a big random bunch of bored internet assholes.

Sometimes there will be a sub-clave who organizes something, like the LOIC attacks, but mostly it’s a pretty random collection of targets.

So no, they’re not internet vigilantes. Not unless harassing 11 year old girls is now somehow vigilantism.

I thought I’d made clear that I wasn’t saying that was right of them to do, nor that they are good for doing it. Vigilantism is illegal in many (if not all? Can’t say I’m up on the laws of every part of the US) areas for a reason; most would-be vigilantes are just thugs that don’t feel like abiding by the law of the land.

My purpose was not to endorse or condemn them, but to provide context for those that might not understand the group’s history or why they’d be helping to catch Amanda Todd’s harasser after having harassed Jessi Slaughter themselves.