This Is Songwriting: James Taylor, "Enough to Be on Your Way"

BeachDem2/06/2020 9:26:27 am PST

Matt Bai’s take on the VP issue from 1/24:

Who’s your vice president? Bernie Sanders, and others, should tell us now.

…But this applies mostly to Sanders, because he’s rolling right now, and because he has already been evasive about his health, and because he’s supposed to be Mr. Up Front and Authentic. It’s about us and not him, remember?

And so the next time Sanders steps onto a debate stage, on Feb. 7, someone should ask him this: “In light of your age and very recent heart attack, would you please name for us three potential vice presidents you will consider should you become the nominee?”

And if the answer is, “I haven’t thought about any of that yet,” then maybe Sanders isn’t thinking about us after all.