In Which Donald Trump Edits His Twitter Profile Background to Include a Tweet With a Blatant Lie

lawhawk5/09/2017 9:32:22 am PDT

re: #402 A wild WITHAK appeared!

The Wonder Woman movie is the only DC Universe movie that holds my interest.

BvS was an underwhelming mess and Suicide Squad was plain awful.

Justice League has a chance to be good, but it’ll probably suffer from the same problems that BvS had.

Wonder Woman has a chance, if Snyder doesn’t botch it.
BvS was underwhelming and the saving grace was WW’s introduction to save the day.
Suicide Squad’s best parts were the trailers. The movie was a mess that tried to be DC’s response to Guardians of the Galaxy (rogues and criminals come together to save the day, complete with soundtrack of their lives). There was so much wasted potential, and The Joker was a completely wasted appearance.

I don’t give Justice League much hope for succeeding where the other DC movies haven’t. The dour tone of the DC movies plays into it. “Gritty” is not the same as actively hating various characters as Snyder apparently hated Superman.