Pittsburgh Cop-Killer Was Conspiracy Nut and Member of Stormfront

Tanna4/05/2009 10:58:47 am PDT

re: #12 zombie

Exactly. They get wrapped up in their fears and wear them like shrouds, both left and right. Their emotionality and fears makes them lose all perspective and rationality.
All that AntiChrist talk and paranoia makes people victims, they start to think that there’s this overpowering force that is sweeping over them, and forgetting that it’s just a man that can be voted out of office.
I promised my family I would not give my opinion of Obama until his first hundred days are over, because I’m sick and tired of their antichrist rhetoric of Bush, and didn’t want to contribute to that bristling eyebrowed, snarled teeth debate.
I don’t know what I’m going to do when the Hundred Days are up- just hand them a plastic grocery bag full of my vomit?