Ann Coulter: RINO, Sodomy Supporter

Gus8/18/2010 10:13:21 am PDT

re: #397 lawhawk

I know that. Bear in mind also that when the towers collapsed, the billowing smoke and pulverized towers (all the people, concrete, steel, and other materials in the towers) were sent all over Lower Manhattan, across into Brooklyn, and cast away as far as New Jersey and one could smell the fires for weeks after up past 14th Street depending on which way the wind blew.

In other words, if someone is claiming that because the Burlington Coat Factory was hit by debris from the tower somehow makes it off-limits to construction, the same can be said for any other buildings within the cloud of debris. That would seemingly push construction out of Lower Manhattan altogether, and out of CB1, which approved its siting.

Here’s the zoning map.