Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

Summer Seale7/23/2011 4:51:48 pm PDT

The hate groups are doing what they do best when one of their own blows a gasket and commits an atrocity: Deny, deny, deny!

My guess is right now that Geller and the rest are terrified of his court testimony because it will most likely come out about his ideology and what he supports, and their names may very well be dropped and investigated in a public trial. They’ve never had it this public and obvious before, and they have absolutely no fucking clue what to do. So now they’re going to have to do the “extreme spin control”, all while their Godfather figure is being investigated himself for his role in the hacking scandal, and their blessed Fox News parent company is slowly being turned inside out in a very public way.

I think the shit is hitting the fan all at once and they’re just having probably the worst couple of weeks they’ve ever imagined.

Then again, that’s karma for you, Pammy. If you hadn’t gone off and catered to people who would literally exterminate entire groups of people - many of which would gladly toss you in the pot at the end as well - then you wouldn’t have this coming back to bite you in the ass and savage your ankles while you’re trying to make a getaway.

Except, this time, with a public trial and all, I just don’t think she can get away. And I’m glad. I really wish nothing more than to see her fall down into the abyss with this asshole and along with Robert “I’m just supporting ethnic cleansing causes innocently” Spencer, and Fjordman, and Gates of Vienna, and all the rest of the loudmouthed lying asshole jerks who have for years been successfully trying to repackage visceral ethnic hatred as part of the fight against totalitarianism by espousing Nazi and totalitarian ideals themselves.

Little shrieking Pammy, if you ever read this: You deserve what’s coming - all the public humiliation and embarrassment, the name coming out in court, the investigation into your writings, the whole fucking nine yards. I want it to really hurt, Pammy. I want it to hurt until you realize the error of your ways and what you’ve been involved with, because your’e such a fucking bag of piss and hatred that you couldn’t even see past your own little nose while you were sticking your tongue up the ass of every single Euro and American hate group there was, just because they were with you on hating anything brown and different.

I really, really, fucking hope it hurts, Pammy. The blood of a lot of people are on your hands now, and you’re no better than any Sheikh who was preaching hatred in any mosque and encouraged other assholes to go and kill innocent people, and then claimed that he had nothing to do with it. Yeah, that’s you, Pammy: a sheikh of hatred. And all I can do now is hope that it’s coming back to take you down.

You make me sick, Pamela Geller, and you’re a traitor to your own people for supporting assholes like this. That never was the way to support Israel. You’re no better than Kahane was, and you’re no better than any other terror supporting Mullah. You’re guilty of encouraging people to commit mass murder, and I think that the truth is going to come out really soon about that in the general public.

So freak out while you can, Pammy, but it won’t do you any good. Everyone is gonna know he was a fucking fan and supporter, and why. And they’re gonna go back and read all that crap you’ve been writing for years, and they’re going to treat you like O.J. in society for the rest of your life.