Anthony Weiner Schedules Press Conference to Deal with Latest Accusations

iossarian6/06/2011 1:55:33 pm PDT

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People like the facade. It’s nice to think that 2 people are truly meant for each other and only each other. It does happen, it’s just not that common.

I think that men are hard wired to cheat. This doesn’t mean “to have sex with other women”, it means “to transgress the social order”. In other words, you can’t get rid of the problem by changing the social order, because that just makes men want to find different ways to transgress.

It’s the same with porn. What people miss, when they complain that mainstream media has become “pornified”, is that this doesn’t mean that skimpy outfits on late-evening comedy/drama shows (which would have made Victorian males self-combust) perform the same function as porn. The whole point of porn is to transgress what is acceptable.