Seth Meyers on Trump's Monumental Business Failures [VIDEO]

mmmirele5/09/2019 12:34:18 pm PDT

re: #90 jaunte

“…In Calvinist (Reformed) theology, unconditional election is considered to be one aspect of predestination in which God chooses certain individuals to be saved. Those elected receive mercy, while those not elected, the reprobates, receive justice without condition.”

The “pro-lifers” I protest believe if a fertilized ova, zygote, embryo or fetus is miscarried, it was still a human life and God has decided from before the foundation of the world whether it will go to heaven or hell. So presumably hell is full of fertilized, never implanted ova who are human beings, roasting forever.

That’s why I tell them I’d rather go to hell than worship their god. I’d also tell them their god is a consummate dick but they’d get upset about the word “dick.”