New From Seth Meyers: Mueller Complained About Barr's Letter to Congress

Jay C5/02/2019 10:23:38 am PDT

re: #384 Targetpractice

Best guess: Donny got notice from Mitch that even with Mike’s vote he couldn’t guarantee Moore would be confirmed, at least not without major political damage being done in the process. And Donny, ever refusing to be associated with a “loser,” decided to toss Moore under the bus before the hearings could begin in earnest.

Probably. But I’m guessing that this time, - for a change - instead of nominating the worst idiots he can scrape up to the vacant Fed seats, Trump (or whoever deals with this crap for him) will nominate some uncontroversial nonentities, and make sure (or have somebody make sure) that: 1) they’re thoroughly vetted for idiocy; and 2) that Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOPers are on board beforehand. IOW, the basic politics of nominations: which The Donald is so bad at….

Then again, he might nominate Melania and Ivanka, just to fuck with us all, so who knows….?