John Oliver Takes a Good Look at Whacked Out Far Right Propaganda Network OAN [VIDEO]

lawhawk4/06/2020 5:47:16 pm PDT

Fuck Trump and the enabling GOP.

A family friend is now on a ventilator from covid19. He’s been battling this at home for over a week, was sent to the ER by doctor, who then had him transferred to another hospital where they had beds available. His O2 levels have been okay except they took a dive yesterday, and thankfully they had a ventilator today to put him on to support him.

His wife is a wreck. His kids are young and she’s getting over covid19 too.

And we’ve got Trump trying to micromanage this by counting equipment and gear and not wanting to give anyone too much? Are you fucking kidding me? Gear breaks down. It stays in use for a patient longer. And you have to decide who lives and dies because you don’t have the gear?

This isn’t business sense. It’s depraved indifference to plight of those suffering and dying.

Fuck Trump and his enabling and corrupt GOP. Fuck the GOP dominated court. Fuck McConnell, and the Senate GOP who covered up Trump crimes to stay in power.

This is all on them. All of it.

I’m superfly tnt. I’m the motherfucking guns of the Navarone. This is beyond the pale. We’re watching our friends, family, rich, poor, unknown and known all succumb to this, and Trump’s response was indifference for 2 months. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do even the bare minimum, and then he contradicts his experts and takes the word of Navarro and Kushner over Dr. Fauci.

This is all on the GOP. All of it.

I am so fucking angry all the time that all of this was avoidable. All of it. The death toll. The hundreds of thousands sickened and wrecked economically with the bills. The economic wreckage. The shutdown that will persist for weeks and months.

/rant on.

And yet there’s fucking GOPers defending Trump reflexively. We have an entire network whose sole purpose is to provide agitprop and misinformation to cover for Trump and the GOP. ~40% of the nation still supports this corrupt and incompetent admin, even as the body count is rising steadily. They keep making excuses for why this isn’t serious. Why we should resume work. That it’s a hoax. They fucking held years of investigations over deaths of 4 people at Benghazi.

10,000+ are now dead. 2500 Benghazis worth of dead Americans. And the GOP is still at it trying to protect Trump or even seeking to investigate Hunter Biden for Ukraine nonsense while Jared/Ivanka/Junior/Eric are making crapton of money all while Trump’s in office and directing business at his companies.

I am so fucking pissed at all of the people who equated Hillary with Trump.
I am so fucking pissed at the people who thought that Hillary’s emails were important, but Trump’s incompetence, misinformation, and sex predations weren’t.

The media still aren’t being held to account, and they still haven’t learned the lessons from 2016 even as they reflexively publish Trump rallies without checking to see if there’s any actual news being broken by them. These daily pseudorallies aren’t news. They’re his misinformation spigot, all while the body count rises.