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Barefoot Grin4/18/2019 5:12:06 pm PDT

re: #407 ThomasLite

We have a dog like that in the family. Super, super-careful. Won’t even make stuff fall over, he’s so careful traipsing around everything. Wouldn’t ever chew anything (and hasn’t since puppyhood, over a decade now). Just occasionally, when you’re wondering where the other sock has gone, it’s on Micky’s pillow or basket or wherever he’s made his bed. Entirely unharmed of course, maybe just a little drooled on if he’s been using it as a pillow for a while. As far as doggy naughtiness goes, I’ll take it :)

I love it! Our Westie when I was growing up engaged in acts of small resistance. He would leave chunks of his (probably disgusting) Purina dog chow on the stairs for us to step on. I know he didn’t like it much, but there was no way my dad was going to pay for fancy dog food.