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HappyWarrior4/21/2019 10:19:18 am PDT

re: #406 Mattand

Totally trends into tinfoil hat territory, but in my darker moments, I think: “Muller’s a Republican. Republicans always put power and party before law and the good of the country. He purposely left the report vague enough for Trump to potentially skate.”

Honestly, it’s probably just me, but I’ve fucking had it with hearing what an infallible bulwark of honesty and integrity Muller is. Regardless of my “theory” above, Muller probably knows that Trump should be out of office and his report is being grossly misinterpreted.

However, it feels like he’s going to pull the “Well, my job was just to investigate the claims, if the country slides into dictoartship, not my problem” horseshit.

So, if a reporter asks him an honest question as he’s leaving Mass, tough. There’s way more at stake right now than worrying about Muller being able to sing hymns.

I think Mueller would gladly prosecute Trump if it was within his powers. I know the guy’s a Republican but I think he has been working with what he’s had. I think it’s fair to ask him questions but I can understand wanting to give him a break. The guy has had Trump attacking his motivations for months.