FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

TedStriker3/24/2010 2:33:35 pm PDT

re: #394 Walter L. Newton

The problem is, it’s going to run it’s course. There is not much that the GOP can do about it. The Tea Parties and related groups let (encouraged) certain types of questionable people to hang their banners along with them, and that has given these radicals an air of acceptance and legitimacy.

On top of that, the internet enable these kinds of people to find almost instant justification because they can find others of like proclivities at the speed of light.

There is not much that any of us can do about it. Speaking out against it is important, but will do little to convince people who have the ear of so many supporters to change the direction of their intents.

I totally agree with Killgore in regards to this point ” It’s been pretty much inevitable for a while now…”

Either the wackos are going to evntually burn out and fade out of the limelight or someone’s gonna feel their oats and hurt/kill someone (like what someone may have tried to do here on this story)…bad craziness, indeed.