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Mattand4/21/2019 10:27:16 am PDT

re: #411 HappyWarrior

I think Mueller would gladly prosecute Trump if it was within his powers. I know the guy’s a Republican but I think he has been working with what he’s had. I think it’s fair to ask him questions but I can understand wanting to give him a break. The guy has had Trump attacking his motivations for months.

Honestly, I don’t. We’re at Defcon 1 with regard to the government going full Banana Republic. The investigation of Clinton was turned into an unredacted fucking paperback book within days of it’s release. Muller’s report is being redacted to protect a corrupt President.

Muller has to know this. Yet, if push comes to shove, he’ll probably just hang back and go “Hey, whaddya gonna do?” when our country goes full dictatorship.

Admittedly, a lot of this predicated on Muller wanting to go full whistle blower. Which probably will never happen.