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Alyosha6/03/2014 8:30:00 am PDT

re: #395 Justanotherhuman

Oh, please, do continue the sexist stereotypes.

Google launches ‘Glass for women’ with new DVF collection

Summary: Google leans on the fashion world to bring a Glass collection that more women might want to wear.

More like the Google Glass Bubble.

Google’s lead Glass designer, Isabelle Olsson:

“I gravitate towards feminine and minimal designs, so my favorite everyday style is the Shiny Ink frame with Charcoal Glass. I can’t wait to wear the Navigator shades in Orchid Mist on vacation in the South of France this summer and when I hit the ski slopes later this year,” she said.”

I wonder what leads Ms. Olsson to believe all women lead her lifestyle?

I’m going to hang out for Google Glass Invisible, so people aren’t alerted to the fact I’m an unlikeable dick bereft of redeeming features.