FBI Investigates 'Suspicious Incident' in Virginia

RogueOne3/24/2010 2:34:47 pm PDT

Once again the evil dick cheney sticks his kneck out for the more moderate of the two republicans in a race.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson for U.S. Senate Wednesday, intervening in a hotly contested Republican primary for the second time this year.

Cheney, who also backed Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s challenge to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, boosted Grayson as the “real conservative” in his race against insurgent candidate Rand Paul.

‘I’m a lifelong conservative, and I can tell the real thing when I see it. I have looked at the records of both candidates in the race, and it is clear to me that Trey Grayson is right on the issues that matter – both on fiscal responsibility and on national security,” Cheney said in a statement.

He’s also come out in favor of overturning DADT and against a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage. What a RINO.