Overnight Open Thread

drcordell2/18/2010 8:04:07 am PST

re: #400 sattv4u2

Do you even read what you post befroehand??

Companies do not withhold income taxes from contractors’ paychecks, and several studies have indicated that, on average, misclassified independent workers do not report 30 percent of their income.

SO ,,, the employee doesn’t report his full income, and thats the employers fault !?!?!?

AND ,,, now BECUASE the employee didn’t report their full income,, the gov’t wants to punish the EMPLOYER !?!?

What could POSSIBLY go wrong !?!?!

Go back and read the entire article, you imbecile.

Portraying regular workers as contractors allows companies to circumvent minimum wage, overtime and antidiscrimination laws. Workers classified as contractors do not receive unemployment insurance if laid off or workers’ compensation if injured, and they rarely receive the health insurance or other fringe benefits regular employees do.

You’re right. All of the employees being classified illegally as “contractors” are doing so of their own accord. Why on EARTH would they want to qualify for overtime pay, unemployment benefits or healthcare benefits? If you lack the basic comprehension skills to read an entire article before melting down, please just stop posting.