Reddit foams at the mouth about Israel building houses in Jerusalem

Ziggy_TARDIS8/12/2013 12:32:31 pm PDT

re: #38 rosiee

Near nobody lived in Jordan until the mid 1800’s when the Russians forced millions of Muslims in the Caucaucus region out of their home, which Muslim-hating bigot like you must love. The Jordanian king is the same. The Hashemites ruled the Hijaz for over a thousand years, before the Saudi fanatics forced them out. Just like the Circassians I mentioned. You probably want all those inconvienent people gone too.

And, Obdicut, for all the time, considering how often you rag on me for being insulting, I would love to see your rebuke to Rosiee for doing as I admit I have done often in the past.

re: #40 rosiee

Israel never accepted responsibility for one of those attacks. They have not even released the report for the Al-Dawayima massacre. Or the assassination of Count Bernadotte. Or the Lillehammer affair either. They paid money but refused to say they screwed up.

I won’t support Israel, Hamas, or Fatah. None of them.