WATCH LIVE: The Trump Impeachment Hearings - Day 5 -- Hill, Holmes to Testify

Citizen K11/21/2019 6:43:12 am PST

re: #38 HappyWarrior

I don’t think you’re coming off as hating men at all. The fact is there are certain advantages that men get. Look at Trump’s experience versus HRC’s or his demeanor versus his. Or hell Bernie versus HRC in 2016. And as much as I like Biden the man, that he’s known to be “gaffe prone” is something that a woman would never get the same pass for.

Biden’s continued support and high marks seems to be resignation at the altar of ‘electability’ at its finest. Just the sense that the powers that be won’t allow anyone but an old white male to be president anymore, so you might as well hitch your star now and focus on beating Trump first, because getting another Obama won’t be ‘allowed’ anymore.